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Secretary Mark Esper Hope he talked to The President first
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Author:  MIKEFROMUNIONTOWN [ Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Secretary Mark Esper Hope he talked to The President first


I love the fact we have a local boy made good and I agree Secretary Esper is in between a rock and a hard case.

But I certainly hope he talked to the President BEFORE Publicly went against the President.

We need what is BEST for our country FIRST. The riots need to stop. And we have Posse Comitatus ( at least we have a law that keeps active duty from being used against the citizens)

BUT the evidence is mounting that its FOREIGN INFLUENCES PAYING FOR PALLETS OF BRICKS AND WORSE to PUSH THESE riots...AND THAT would permit the PRESIDENT TO USE ACTIVE DUTY soldiers to stop the violence.

They need to support the local but when we have locals that TAKE A KNEE..what choice do we have.. is sworn to

protect us from all enemies


Governments around the world including the German government have said that COVID-19 is not as real as it was portrayed. Virus mutate quickly.....and rhetoric seems to last forever.

Folks yesterday I was able to exercise the right to vote and I did it in person.

The President has his faults and I do complain about him but he still has a true love for this country and I do NOT SEE any alternatives.

So those who want to keep AMERICA free need to continue to exercise your right to vote.

Take Care

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