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Ask the Russians today....a forum quote....
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Author:  MIKEFROMUNIONTOWN [ Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Ask the Russians today....a forum quote....

Ask the Russians, in Russia today, what is it like when you find out you've been hood-winked, that your government was not the most powerful or the most wonderful government on earth and now it has totally collapsed? What do you do now? You trusted, you brought up your children, you wasted your entire life, and you went along to get along. And now what happens? Your entire world is collapsing around you, and why? Because you didn't do your homework, and you didn't stand up for what was right when you could have. You went along to get along, because it was comfortable at the time, and now it's very uncomfortable. And I'm saying that's what we all have to do is look at the uncomfortable fact that nothing is permanently on this earth.

Now you can say you didn't know...when THEY come for us...and THEY will

Never give up and never give in........


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