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 Post subject: To the electorate of Fayette County.........
PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:28 pm 

Joined: Fri May 15, 2009 1:27 am
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Tomorrow morning at 7am in a fire hall or school or church etc. near you , we ELECT those that are suppose to REPRESENT THE INTERESTS OF THE CITIZENS OF FAYETTE COUNTY, THE TOWNSHIPS AND THE STATE OFFICES ETC.

Now as most of you know I have done extensive homework in the study of the TRUE nature of government. What it is suppose to do and what it actually does not necessarily correspond.

I implore every voter NOT to vote without understanding.... what their candidate has to say but most importantly what they stand for. Hold their feet to the FIRE and if they stray after being elected make sure they never get into office again.

These times we live in in this country are similar to 1983 the worst year I can remember. If we elect crooks we will lose what little we have left. And Fay co SHeriff? Why would you try to evict a citizen you were sworn to protect? Why would you do that unless it padded your bottom line...DO you know what a collaterlized debt obligation is? DO your job. Protect US, the citizens of Fayette County, that is your sworn duty. Not protecting the illuminati banksters.

Sorry, I had that hit me as I was writing.......anyway the cradle of the democracy/ represenative form of government was formed right here people. Now the peddlars of distraction would have you to believe you have no power well we still have some some of you are good people that have not sold out the Constitutional guarantes of life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness.

So when you go vote tomorrow stop and not robovote for that sign on the bypass. The vote is worth less than the paper the name is printed on!

Vote for honesty and integrity. Vote for character, vote for a man or woman of principle.

Don't vote for the masonic, illuminati types who think this land is theirs to rape and plunder. I must admit for years after finding out about the "real" world through this internet "tool" , I was horrified how much we have been compromised and the Malthusian tactics that have been put upon us. But we can turn this thing around we can with the Lord's help. General George S. Patton needed help to defeat the enemy in WW2 so he had Third Army Chaplain write a prayer to the Lord Jesus.

He asked for what he needed to save AMERICAN lives and from the evils of the socialist, facists of the the German Third Reich( and the secret Bankers paying for BOTH sides of the war!)

And he got it. Now WE need to ask for the LORD's mercy and humble ourselves to save us from the evil that is so pervasive in this world.

Ladies and Gentleman what are WE going to do to save American lives..specifically our sons and daughters and their children etc? Vote quick buck artists in power or men and women of integrity who will not sell us and our land to the highest bidder?

Look,most of this county still believes in a Divine Creator, we know the truth. I knew the truth and ran away for a bit but HE drew me back into the truth and further opened my eyes. This battle for control is not just is spiritual!..and we have to ask our Creator to guide our vote and change our own selfishness and love our neighbor..NO I am not naive.. I have been taken before by knowing scoundrls but as time progresses, I also observed the Judgement of the Lord of those who perpetuate evil on the population.

Therefore In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ , I pray for this election that you will guide mens hearts to make choices that will be in line with the best for the humanity they represent.

And those of you in masonic, illuminati, organizations laughing at me right now......God help you your tears of laughter will be tears of hellish nightmares someday. and YOU can etch that in stone.

Those widows and poor you have oppressed over the years with your greed will haunt you for all of eternity. I promise you that!

One more thing, those "sweethart" deals to steal the fracking gas under us and "leaders" who are selling us down the river will rue the day they did. It belongs to the property owners and the taxes if any belong to the people of Fayette County, Pa. Not some big tall glass building in Houston Texas.....they have alot of illuminati types there.

Don't sell us out! The meeting I attended in another county in August and to watch the "theater" of political seals preforming for the citizenry and the good men and woman asking good questions that just wanted truth but were only LIED to on a level that still shocks me months later.. and you want to know the best part? do Ya? THE OPPOSITION YOU KNOW "THE tree lovers" .... they are all in the same group on the same the citizens have been duped.

And this is just one small example hell we used to think the mob was bad they are nothing compared to the official oppression that this world is full of.

But You all still have a chance, a small one, but a chance...get right with your maker first...then get right in your job, business, life wherever evil lurks and we may just may get a Ninevah repreive.

Vote wisely.

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