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Bulletin Board Welcome and "Rules"
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Author:  thinker [ Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Bulletin Board Welcome and "Rules"

Hi everyone. I am the operator of this Uniontown.com BBS Message Forum.

Many years ago I used to have a dialup BBS called The Whipping Post located in Uniontown Pennsylvania. Mine was one of many, but all were greatly entertaining with the various features like message boards and games.

I figured I owned the Uniontown.com domain and plenty of server CPU and space, so I decided to create a modern equivalent. I have no idea if anyone will ever visit or use this site, but it's here nonetheless.

I tried this once before, but I was getting continual spambot/hacker exploitation attempts and I could not risk running a PHP message forum because of sensitivity of other data on the server's database. Thanks to the wonderful technology of Virtual Machines, I am now able to dedicate a machine to this task, no longer risking other databases or items on my main server!

As far as rules, I don't really have any. For the most part, I do have guidelines that users should follow. These guidelines are taken from my Bulletin Board days from years ago. First, if you disagree with someone, feel free to attack their facts or ideas. Do not attack THE PERSON. I reserve the right to remove posts for this reason (or any other). Second, I will do my best to not censor anyone. If you have something to say whether I agree with it or not, as long as you are being civil and not abusing the system and not attacking people I will not delete your post. If a thread starts to beat the dead horse, I might lock it from futher posts, but I typically won't delete it.

Other than that, have fun!

Any questions feel free to PM me. I will check this board as often as I can, but likely won't be every day.


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