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this is another example of why things are NOT looking good
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Author:  MIKEFROMUNIONTOWN [ Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:41 am ]
Post subject:  this is another example of why things are NOT looking good

for the future.

We have been lulled into a police state starting with the smallest of infractions like school lunch money. And now we drag 69 year old MEDICAL DOCTORS off planes because the stupid airlines WANTS THEIR SEATS BACK for another COMPANY crew.


WE have been lulled to sleep..(well some of us have anyway)
The movie "THEY LIVE" told you to SLEEP.



someday in the future and i am just SPECULATING here....the wrong grandpa will be drug off somewhere and an old fashioned moral family will say enough is enough. and the CEO of whatever company will be drug into the street and dealt with.....

oh wait in FRANCE they did that last year.


Author:  Administrator [ Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: this is another example of why things are NOT looking good

Hey MikeFromUniontown, I think United is actually going to pay a large price for this particular one.

I "think" they broke their own rules a couple of different ways, they were supposed to give the passenger documentation on what was happening and why, and his rights. They didn't and will pay a price for that. But I also "think" they were supposed to bump passengers PRIOR to boarding, once they boarded then they couldn't be bumped, not sure if that was fake news when I read that or not though.

but more importantly, the new social network mentality is kicking in, allowing things like this to go viral, and it's actually a story on the main news organizations, guaranteed the United stock will take a giant hit for this, and they are losing bookings like crazy right now.

The CEO went on record with a letter to the united employees saying they did nothing wrong, this was procedure. Even if true, a comment should have been made that the procedure is wrong and should be fixed.

I myself plan to never select United no matter how cheap they are in the list of flights next time I go hunting. They can burn in hell.

I read on reddit that a competing airline was in a similar position very recently and kept upping the ante on the reward to get a seat and ended up paying someone 11,000 for a seat. No assault needed to take place. Again not sure if that was fake news, I have been seeing a lot of that lately, hoping to not spread it.

I'll try to get in here more often if I can and throw some of my opinions in. I think I actually post like 2 times a year or something LOL..

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