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Uniontown People and Places ok Old Folks and the new young
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Author:  MIKEFROMUNIONTOWN [ Sun Jul 31, 2022 8:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Uniontown People and Places ok Old Folks and the new young

We have had all kinds from born in this area. Live in this area. and Pass away to the next.

The way it's always been.

For those of you of my Generation that are Early "X" who had the OLD MEN influence of work hard shut your mouth, well now that we are graying quite a bit we can see the world changing again. And think it's not for the better.

The main difference in this part of the cycle is the weirdos have taken over despite the fact that the decent folks are still in the majority.

But the "Z" GEN didn't have the education we had or the EXPERIENCED old men to teach them. They had the games, the minecraft, and other video indoctrination. The "rules" that governed the peoples of this nation for almost 250 years are NOT EVEN KNOWN by the Z gen due to lack of education. So what is to come can't be anything like the past even resembled. Even the Russian Military equipment has a "Z" on it..do they KNOW something we don't?

What I can see is there will be NO respect for the "OLD" folks. After being stuffed into nursing homes for the last 30 years and during covid being "exposed" so as to depart this world is a more hurried manner thanks to the leaders... I would advise the graying generation to work closely with your offspring so as to survive as a family unit....much like other cultures do and like ours DID even 120 year ago.
Those in charge started over a decade ago stealing the wealth of the widows and sending them destitute to their early demise alone in a "group" home. I know I have read about widows and orphans and disrespect of them brings not good things.

what a place to be in the cycle. and the last 20- 25 years the last quarter of a century has brought about such a rapid change and such a degradation and disrespect for almost all things that made us a Great Country once.

The Previous President (and the one we the people really elected) flew into the late morning sunshine heading South. Even then, as THE LORD KNOWS my entire being, KNEW very bad things were happening. And we will never most likely never recover.

it was ON PURPOSE no doubt in this writer's mind whatsoever and no amount of PROPAGANDA will change it. THE MAJORITY, especially in this state, favored what I started this post of with work hard and good things will happen eventually.

NOT any more. at least not anytime where most of you will be able to see it.

Dec 2019 Jan 2020 was THE END the end of a world the beginning of a TEMPORARY reign of hell.

If you still have a soul and didn't sell it there is HOPE 4 u in THE NEXT WORLD.

Just have to ask for it.

May the LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you all who ask and trust in Him



ps we have had some interesting people in this place. And it has confirmed the old saying

It has always been this way.

I suppose so.


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