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 Post subject: Overview and Guide I found online.
PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:54 pm 

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Here's a guide I found online looking for information on this game. This was cached in Google but the actual site is down when I hit the link in Google. So, I figured I better archive it here for reference because it had so much information. Note that since these muds are so customizable, much of this document is specific to just the mud it was written for. For example, the MUD uses a teleporter to get to different areas, apparently the mud described below uses a library to let you go to different areas. But, conceptually the logic and gameplay are the same.

=====Getting Started: Introduction

The first few days or weeks of mudding can be a bit bewildering. There is so much to learn, so much to do and it always seems like everyone except you knows what they're doing.

It was remembering these feelings of bafflement mixed with excitement that prompted me to put together this AddictMud Newbie Guide. Although much of this guide is written specifically for AddictMud, any players of CircleMud variants should find some bits of this helpful.

Hopefully this guide will help you find your feet and let you decide whether mudding is for you. You are about to take your first steps into a larger world...

=====Important Places: Introduction

One of the keys to success in AddictMUD lies in knowing where to go for what you need.

This section of our guide will help you know your way around the mud and find what you need with (hopefully) the minimum of effort.

=====Important Places: Hometowns

There are currently 4 different hometowns in AddictMud.

Skara Brae
New Thalos

Although there is very little to choose between the 4 towns in terms of functionality, Midgaard, being the original, is generally considered the heart of the mud.

Each hometown has the same stores, Guilds and facilities, just laid out somewhat differently. When you first enter the game you will receive a map of your hometown which will help you find your way around. Alternatively, you can click any of the above hometowns to see the maps.

=====Important Places: Temples

Temples are some of the most important places in the game. Midgaard Temple is particularly important and is considered by many to be the heart of the mud.

There are a couple of things which make temples particularly useful places to gather.

First, and most important, is that characters regenerate hit points, movement points and mana faster in temples. This makes them a natural place for people to socialize while resting.

Secondly, there are many places which link directly back to temples from far afield, so they become a natural junction for activity. Characters who die also re-enter the game at their hometown temple.

Finally, temples tend to be fairly central to towns and most directions to places are given with reference to the temple. This is particularly true of Midgaard temple.

Because temples are such popular places for people to congregate there are a couple of rules which should be followed.

Firstly, don't dump rubbish in the temples. People who are resting in the temple area don't want to see vast lists of junk. If you have stuff to dispose of, either junk it or drop it in a donation room.

Secondly, refrain from 'spamming' other players. What do I mean by spamming? Something like this:

Fred gets a waybread from a large crate
Fred gets a waybread from a large crate
Fred gets a waybread from a large crate
Fred gets a waybread from a large crate
Fred gets a waybread from a large crate
Fred gets a waybread from a large crate
Fred gets a waybread from a large crate
Fred gets a waybread from a large crate
Fred gets a waybread from a large crate
Fred puts a waybread in a cloth sack
Fred puts a waybread in a cloth sack
Fred puts a waybread in a cloth sack
Fred puts a waybread in a cloth sack
Fred puts a waybread in a cloth sack
Fred puts a waybread in a cloth sack
Fred puts a waybread in a cloth sack
Fred puts a waybread in a cloth sack
Fred puts a waybread in a cloth sack

This kind of thing shooting up the screen can make people miss conversations and generally interrupt whatever they are doing. If you are going to do something which involves lines and lines of text being generated, please have the courtesy to move out of the temple to do it.

One final thing to note is that being the trendy new town that it is, Skara Brae has attempted an exercise in political correctness and called its temple the 'Skara Brae Welcome Center'. Don't be misled - it's the temple!

=====Important Places: Donation Rooms

...all your unused items and tool!

Donation rooms are without a doubt the single most important place in the lives of most mud newbies. A good day in a donation room can practically kit your character out from head to toe.

When someone does not want a piece of equipment, but considers it too good to simply junk, they will often 'donate' it. The donate command takes the item and randomly places it in one of the four donation rooms found in the four hometowns. (There is also a small chance that the item will be junked by the mud)

Once an item is donated, it is fair game for anyone who wants it - unless the person who donated it did it by mistake and announces such. In that case, mud etiquette prohibits taking advantage of the mistake.

Don't donate junk! If you decide you want to donate something that you no longer have a use for, make sure it is something that someone else might want. There is nothing worse than finding a donation room full of worthless junk and having to sift through it for the good stuff.

Don't take things just for the sake of it. If you pick up an item from a donation room, please only keep it if it will be of use to you. If it is something that is too high level for you, that's probably ok - it will be useful to you eventually. If it is not usable by your class or you just don't know what it does, leave it for others.

Please, do not take items from the donation rooms and sell them. This is considered bad form.

If you are unsure whether an item is likely to be of use to you, and you can't afford a scroll of identify, you can always ask other players whether it is suitable. Keep this within reason though!

Finally, don't be too proud to do a tour of the donation rooms. Once you have a bit more money and can afford it, it can often be worth taking a trip round the Metro and visiting all 4 donation rooms. As a general rule, because the items are distributed randomly between the rooms, if one is full of stuff, they will probably all be full. If one is almost empty, they will probably all be empty.

Donation rooms, like all rooms, are cleared when the mud crashes or reboots.

All donation rooms are situated right next to their respective temples. Most are actually adjacent to the temple, with the exception of Midgaard where the donation room is east then south from the temple.

=====Important Places: Newbie Zone

One of the first places you will want to visit when you start mudding is the Newbie Zone just outside Midgaard. This is a (fairly) safe place to start your adventures. There is a good range of mobs of varying difficulty, plus some basic practice with doors and locks. You can pick up some equipment here by killing and looting mobs, and you will probably be able to pick up your first 5 levels or so here in a fairly short time.

There are a couple of things to note about adventuring in the Newbie Zone.

Firstly, there are no DT's in the zone (See Getting Started: DeathTraps) so it is fairly safe to wander anywhere here... BUT

There are a few aggressive (aggro) mobs in the zone. These will attack you if you don't attack them first, so be careful. Fortunately these are not wandering in the main part of the zone, so you will probably not come across them unless you go looking for them.

Remember to 'consider' (See Important Commands: consider) any mobs in the zone before attacking them. Don't automatically assume that they will be a pushover just because they are in the Newbie Zone.

To reach the Newbie Zone from Midgaard Temple:

(EDITED BY MARKC) Do a teleport to midgaard. This puts you at the temple. Go N 4 times and you'll be at the Great Field of Midgaard where you an go EAST to the entrance to the Newbie Zone.

(NOT TESTED)To reach the Newbie Zone from Skara Brae Welcome Center:

east 3 south 4 west north

The Skara Brae Newbie Zone can also be accessed from Adrilankha Temple by going down twice to reach the Skara Brae Welcome Center and then following the above directions.

To reach the Newbie Zone from New Thalos Temple:

3 south 4 east 6 north 6 east south west 2 north east wait for the elevator west

=====Important Places: Libraries

Somewhere around each hometown you will find a library. Libraries are the primary gateways to a large number of the zones in AddictMud, and knowing where they are and what they contain is very important.

To enter a zone from a library, simply find a room which contains a book and type 'read book'. If there is more than 1 book in a room, you will have to be more specific. For example, in Midgaard there is a book called 'The Moties' by Tarot. To enter the Moties zone, find the room containing that book and type either 'read book' or 'read moties'.

At any point during your adventures in a book zone, you can simply type 'recall' to be returned to the temple in your hometown. This makes books a nice easy way to explore early on.

=====Important Places: Rental

Sooner or later, real life will start to encroach on your mudding time and you will be forced to leave our happy world of adventure to sojourn in the harsh realities of existence. When this happens, it's important to know how to leave properly.

In every hometown there is a cryogenic center which is the main place for most people to enter and leave the game. To leave the game, make your way to the cryogenecist and type 'rent'. This will have the receptionist take and store your equipment and let you leave the game. Renting is always FREE in AddictMUD.

When you attempt to rent, there may be one or two things which will stop you. Firstly, there is an upper limit of 40 items which can be stored. If you have more than 40 items on your character, the receptionist will tell you so. To bring yourself under the limit, either donate or junk the excess and then rent again.

Also, certain items such as keys cannot be stored. The receptionist will tell you which are the offending items. Please JUNK keys when you leave - do not donate them. Leaving keys lying around the mud can stop them being recreated and keep people out of areas they want to get into, so please keep this in mind. (See Mud Etiquette: Keys)

If, for some strange reason, you want to leave without taking your equipment, you can simply type 'quit!' at any point. This will take you straight out of the game and anything you are carrying will drop on the floor. Dumping equipment around the mud is generally frowned upon, so please do not do this - ESPECIALLY in the temple areas.

=====Important Places: Guilds

Each character class has a Guild associated with it. Guilds are where you go to learn and practice new skills, spells and powers.

Each hometown contains all the guilds, it's simply a case of finding the right one and getting to your Guild master.

For a detailed description of how to learn skills at your guild, (See Getting Started: Practicing)

=====Important Places: Shops

Shops play an integral part of mud life. They are a source of much-needed equipment and can also help you generate a little bit of cash early on.

Each hometown has one of each of the basic shop types, and various zones will have specialist shops which offer unusual articles for sale.

To view the items for sale in a shop, enter the shop and type 'list'. This will show a list of the items for sale in the shop, both the shopkeeper's standard list of items along with any items which other players have recently sold to the shop.

To buy an item, simply type 'buy' followed by the name of the item, i.e. 'buy bread'. Be careful, though, that the name you use is unique. For example, if the shopkeeper sells bronze helmets, bronze sleeves and bronze leggings, typing 'buy bronze' will get you the first one on his list.

If there are multiple items with the same keyword for sale, i.e. 'bronze breastplate' and 'iron breastplate', you can select the correct one by looking at which order the items are shown and prefixing the item name with the appropriate number: 'buy 2.breastplate'

To sell an item, simply type 'sell' followed by the item name, i.e. 'sell sword'. The shopkeeper will give you cash for the item or will tell you if he can't or won't buy it. (See Getting Started: Making money)

=====Important Places: Boardrooms

Next to each temple is a series of rooms which contain message boards. There are 3 main message boards, each of which fulfills a different function.

To view the contents of any message board, type 'read board' while standing in the room containing the board. To read a particular message, type 'read' and then its number, i.e. 'read 134'

To write a message on a board, simply type 'write' followed by the subject header of your message, i.e. 'write Newbie Question'

This is a message board for general discussions about the mud, its places, people and all aspects of life held therein. Important notices will sometimes be placed here, so it is worth checking this board regularly.

This is a message board for topics not directly associated with the mud. This board will often contain general discussions about life, the universe and everything, and will often give details about any 'real life' (rl) events going on for mudders to attend.

The quest board is used for the announcement of new quests. Quests are special limited-duration 'mini-games' arranged and implemented by the AddictMud Immortals. They may involve the finding of various items, killing special quest mobs, or any number of other unusual activities. Quests are considered a special treat by most mudders so it is worth checking this board regularly - though you will probably hear people talking about new quests a fair bit when they are announced.

=====Important Places: Post Office

In order to make communication possible between players who can't always be on at the same time, AddictMud comes complete with a mail system which allows players to send messages and items to one another.

The mail system is used from Post Offices, of which there is 1 in each hometown.

If you have mail waiting for you, the word 'Mail' will appear in front of your prompt.

To receive mail, simply go to any post office and type 'receive'. The postmaster will give you a piece of mail which will be added to your inventory along with any attached item.

To view the piece of mail, simply type 'read mail' while it is in your inventory. You can keep a piece of mail for as long as you like and even rent it along with your other equipment. When you have finished with your mail, simply junk it.

To send a piece of mail, go to the post office and type 'mail' followed by the name of the character you wish to send the message to, i.e. 'mail fred'. The postmaster will tell you how much it will cost, and you will be presented with the standard mud text editor.

Type your message and then enter '/s' to save the message and send. At any time you can type '/q' to quit without sending or '/h' for help.

You can also send an item along with your message. To do this, add the item name to the end of your mail command, i.e. 'mail fred sword'. The postmaster will package up your item and it will be removed from your inventory. Mailing items incurs an additional cost which varies according to the item.

Once the item has been packaged, simply enter your message as normal.

=====Important Places: ATM's

Scattered around the mud, but most notably in or around the temple areas, are the auto teller machines (ATM's). These form the basis for the AddictMud banking system and are well worth knowing about even in the early days of mudding.

The banking system is fairly simple.

To see how much money you have on deposit in the bank, simply type 'balance' while standing in a room with an auto teller.

To deposit money in the bank simply type 'deposit' followed by the amount.

>deposit 25000

Conversely to get your money back, type 'withdraw' followed by the amount.

>withdraw 15000

The bank does not extend overdrafts, give loans or otherwise allow you to withdraw money you don't have. All auto teller machines are interconnected, though, so you can deposit and withdraw at any of the machines anywhere on the mud.

For ease of use, you can buy a cash card from most general stores. Carrying a cash card is like carrying an auto teller everywhere you go, allowing you to make bank transactions anywhere at all.

=====Important Commands : Introduction

Like any game, the heart of a mud lies in its control system. No matter how good your character is, if you don't know how to control him or her properly, you won't get very far.

This section of the Guide will take you through some of the more frequently used commands and explain how they work and what they are for.
Important Commands : look

look [l]

The look command is one of the most basic and often used commands in the game. It has several different functions, all of which are important.

Used on its own, the look command will redisplay the description of your current location, showing the location description as well as any mobs, players and items in the location with you.

Using a direction with the look command may give you a hint as to what is in an adjacent room.

* Example: look e

The look command can also be used to examine items either in your inventory or in the room you are standing in. If there is an extra description for the item, it will be displayed, otherwise you will be told 'you see nothing special.'

* Example: look sign
* Example: look sword

The look command can also be used to see the inventory of a container, using the 'in' command. The container must be open for you to look inside it.

* Example: look in bag
* Example: look in chest

Finally, the look command can be used to examine mobs, other players or yourself. By looking at mob or player (including yourself) you will get a general description of them, a brief assessment of their health, and a list of the items they are wearing. Using this command you can see the items your character is currently wearing or look to see if a mob is wearing an item. Items in the inventory cannot be seen except by a thief.

* Example: look fred
* Example: look guard
* Example: look me

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