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 Post subject: Tips for the MUD!
PostPosted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:04 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:54 pm
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I will be editing this document as I find some good tips for the game.

Make sure to use the online help.

First thing, make sure you take the teleporter and keep it. This game is VERY LARGE (over 11,000 rooms!), and this teleporter will save you a LOT of walking. At any time, you can use the teleporter to get back to Midgaard by typing TELEPORT MIDGAARD. This now lets you roam and explore without the fear of getting lost. If you do HELP AREAS it will show you all the areas that are loaded in this world. This world contains over 11,000 rooms!! But, all the areas you see that are CAPITALIZED are ones that you can teleport to.

See another post I made in this area where I pasted a user guide. There is a TON of good information in there, especially where to start in the game.

I am finding that the vast majority of this mud is really eventless. One really good place to start would be the MEMLIN caves. Just teleport there with the command "teleport MEMLIN". There are some characters who will interact with you and a few cool things to discover.

Another good starting point is the "ASYLUM for the Insane". Type "teleport asylum" when in the game to get started there. I'll give you a hint on the start of that one, the groundskeeper has lost something that you need to find for him.

Note that when you kill something, you have to use the command "get all corpse" to search the corpse to get it's g0ld. You won't see any g0ld if you just look at the corpse. I thought this a little odd. Not very intuitive.

This one is strange. If you have a light source, you have to say "hold light" or "hold torch" in order for it to light the room. Also, I had two torches, one of them was lit and eventually went out, I had a hard time getting the game to understand which torch I was referring to when lighting the second one. While holding the dead torch, I went one room away and dropped the good torch, then went back and dropped the dead torch, and returned to get the good torch to use it. To use it I had to say light torch, then I said hold torch.

Use the command CONSIDER to size up your opponent and see if you have a chance at winning a fight against them. Example: consider farmer

I think that when you get hungry or thirsty, it won't kill you but I think your stats regenerate slower, like your hit points or whatever, not sure.

If you are able to get GOLD, you shouldn't keep large amounts on you. Find an automatic teller machine and deposit it!! I learned the hard way that when you die, you can lose your g0ld.

Some useful commands: To see your health and status type SCORE. To see what you are carrying hit "i" for inventory. To get the room description again type LOOK. When you are somewhere where you can buy things, type LIST to see what they are selling, and of course BUY to buy it.

Just carrying something doesn't necessarily mean you are wearing it. You have to specifically say WEAR ITEM to wear it. Use the command EQUIP to see what you are wearing, that won't show up in inventory. To see how much g0ld you have, use the command GOLD.

If you want to get a message to someone who's not online, use the post office. You'll need a little g0ld for a stamp but you can send letters to users. There are also public bulletin boards you can post on within the game, just make sure you look at signs and boards as you run across them. I also think you can mail an item to a user, I forget the command to do it. I think there was help in the post office like a booklet or something. When your prompt says MAIL on it, that means you have a letter you have to go pick up.

More soon, keep checking this post because I will be editing it as I find more tips. This game is really cool.

NOTE: this MUD is really a framework for people to design their own dungeons. If there is anyone who is interested in managing the dungeon to create some quests and areas, I'd be more than happy to assist with this and would appreciate the help.

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