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Users and registration
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Author:  Administrator [ Sun Nov 02, 2008 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Users and registration

I have had one or two friends asking about registration, specifically asking if I should just open the board to guest postings without the need to log in.

Registration is incredibly simple, enter your info and click a link in an email the system generates, that's it. I don't even care if you use real info, use a gmail email account if you wish to remain anonymous.

I do see that there are other boards out there that allow full anonymous access, but I ran a PHP message forum in the past and the spambots have a field day with anonymous access.

Besides, I have tried this years ago when I ran my BBS allowing a guest login and it was abused. When someone was insulted or angry they would attempt to cause problems with this access. So, at least for now users have to log in. :roll: Sorry...


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